What is Mint Relief?

Mint Relief is an all-natural and quick solution for indigestion,gas, Bloating,GERD, hyperacidity,Acid reflux,Heartburn,Gastritis, Dyspepsia, dysmenorrhea,stomach cramps and other variety of stomach discomfort. 

Mint relief is the only natural product out in the market today that may aid in quick stomach relief.

It is a Food Supplement. It is a combination of natural ingredients encased in a soft gel. But that’s not the only reason why it’s better than any other alternatives.

It’s Convenient: There’s no need to get up and prepare home remedies. Just pop a capsule and wait for it to take effect. .

It’s Safe: Mint Relief is a natural product. There are no major side-effects seen even with long-term consumption of the product. However, a few active users have reported the occurrence of frequent burps post-consumption. a few users have reported about the lingering minty feeling in the mouth that is more prominent with burps..

It’s Holistic: The ingredients in Mint Relief works to relax muscle contractions and cramps. But other than being a natural analgesic, it also serves a similar function as an antiemetic. .

It's Effective: Studies have been done to ensure the efficacy of Mint Relief. Published medical studies from the Department of Internal Medicine from the Eastern Virginia Medical School.There are also multiple studies on the individual ingredients of Mint Relief.

What are the Ingredients of Mint Relief?

Peppermint Oil: Has Been used for centuries as a natural medicine to quickly reduce symptoms of stomach pain, and historically used for short term and long-term relief of stomach related issues.

Spearmint Oil: It Is believed to be the oldest plant of the Mint family and has been used traditionally for its digestive benefits, it is multi-purpose it has effects such as Relaxant, Anti-oxidant, Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory.

How do I take Mint Relief?
Do not chew the capsule. Swallow one to two soft gel capsules with warm water during onset of discomfort

Mint Relief is the only all natural food supplement product that can provide quick relief.

Option 1: For Quick Relief

During onset of stomach discomfort, full or hungry you can take 1 capsule as fast as 15 minutes it will provide short term relief. Drink with warm water, do not chew.

Option 2: For Continuous relief

You can take Mint Relief every day and anytime, may help reduce recurrence of acid reflux, gastritis, hyperacidity, bloating, indigestion, ibs and mild dysmenorrhea

How fast does Mint Relief work?
The effects vary from one person to another. Based on testimonials it usually takes 15 to 60 minutes before Mint Relief begins to take effect.

Can Mint Relief be taken everyday?

Yes , Mint Relief contains all natural ingredients , It can be taken everyday. continuous use may help in reduction of recurrence of stomach pain..


What kind of conditions can I use Mint Relief for?
Mint Relief may help ease general stomach discomfort.

How long does the effect of Mint Relief last?
The effects vary from one person to another. Since it’s usually taken during the onset of the discomfort or pain, it’s usually enough to get you through an episode of a discomfort.

Is Mint Relief safe for children? 

Mint Relief uses natural ingredients and has been deemed safe to use by children above 12 years old.

Is Mint Relief safe for pregnant/Lactating Women?

Yes, However Excessive quantities of spearmint and peppermint are not safe to consume during pregnancy. Hence the dosage and duration of Mint Relief should be limited during pregnancy.

It is always best to consult with your doctor before taking any form of supplement.

Is Mint Relief safe to take with other supplements and medicine?
It is always best to consult with your doctor before taking any form of supplement.

Can I overdose from taking too many Mint Relief capsules?
You cannot overdose on Mint Relief. But it is best to follow the recommended dosage to prevent any discomfort or side-effect from occurring as a result of excessive consumption.

What is that cool feeling in my stomach from after taking Mint Relief?
Some consumers have reported feeling cold in their stomach after taking a capsule or two. This is caused by the release of Mint Relief’s active ingredients which includes mint. Mint is known to produce that cool feeling.

I have a allergy. Can I take Mint Relief?
We recommend consulting with your doctor first before trying Mint Relief. People have different severities when it comes to their allergies. And while some might be able to tolerate it, we do not recommend risking your life to find out if you can too. Your doctors would know best if you can take this product and offer you alternatives if you cannot.


MINT RELIEF Disclaimer*

No Therapeutic Claims

If symptoms persist, please consult your doctor.

Mint relief is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a disease

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